Women’s Procedures

  • Fat Dissolving Injectable Formulas

    Are available to treat unwanted areas of fat under the chin.

  • Neuromodulators

    Can be used to target muscles under the chin that actively pull skin downwards. By relaxing these muscles, one can obtain a more defined jawline. We can also use neuromodulators to treat Platysmal bands (neck bands).

  • Fillers

    Can be strategically placed at specific locations on the jaw to elongate and create a smooth contour taking years off the profile. You are in the hands of a master injector when treated by Bianca!

  • Plasma Pen

    Can target jowls and deep neck wrinkles for a long-term treatment.

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  • PRP with Micro-Needling

    Can be used to improve skin texture and build collagen of the neck and décolleté. This treatment is amazing because one can remove topical age spots while simultaneously building collagen and tightening the skin!

  • PDO Threads

    Can dramatically lift the chin and define the jaw.

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