Women’s Procedures

  • Plasma Pen

    A plasma arc facilitates micro-damage to the skin surface, new tightened skin is formed, which leads to improvements in collagen, skin strength, and wrinkle reduction which are long lasting. Perfect for the “smoker’s lines” seen in so many non-smokers

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  • PRP

    Is your body’s own blood centrifuged to concentrate the platelets and injected into the skin to promote your collagen growth in the dermis. Combined with micro-needling, results are maximized. PRP can serve as a long-lasting, natural solution for wrinkles around the mouth (lip lines.)

  • Fillers

    Are available to fill lips, vermillion border of lips and areas with volume loss or wrinkles around mouth (nasal labial folds and marionette lines). Imber’s seasoned and formally trained providers focus on clients appearing natural and youthful without looking over done!

  • Neuromodulators

    (Muscle relaxing injections) can be used to facilitate the upturn of the angles of the mouth, greatly improving appearance. The depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle can pull down the sides of the mouth giving the appearance of advanced age or an unhappy disposition. Relaxing this muscle can change the entire resting expression of the face. This is a patient favorite!

  • PDO Threads

    Threads can be placed in and around the lips for a plumper pout and wrinkle reduced lower face. A great alternative for those who do not wish to have fillers.


Dr. Slack's client treated with lip filler to provide fullness, correct for preexisting asymmetry and improve philtrum


Client of Dr. Slack treated with filler to lips


Client of Dr. Slack: One treatment with Xeomin to DAOs


Client treated with barbed thread to lift nasal labial folds & the pre-existing asymmetrical lip filler was also corrected

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