Women’s Procedures

  • PRP: (Platelet rich plasma)

    A series of injections in the scalp can stimulate hair follicles and may result in thicker, fuller hair growth in thinning areas. PRP uses your body’s own blood. Roughly 60ml of blood is drawn and centrifuged by Imber’s dual spin centrifuge to concentrate the platelets 5-9 times which are then injected into the scalp (Note: Single spin devices produce only 2.5-3 times platelet concentration). Once injected, platelets release numerous growth factors that in turn lead to the migration of your body’s own stem cells. These cells are thought to promote regeneration and growth of the hair follicle and improve surrounding blood supply through angiogenesis. Although PRP can be highly effective in men, it works even better in women-who doesn’t want a thick, luxurious mane?

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