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Plasma Pen is the beauty world's NUMBER ONE, most advanced, non-invasive skin rejuvenation device. Imber offers a number of procedures to dramatically enhance looks without the need for costly, invasive surgery.

Plasma Pen 'fibroblasting' is a highly versatile & non-surgical procedure that's stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening & eyelid hood reduction (blepharoplasty). The Plasma Pen is also able to treat, repair, lift & rejuvenate any area of the skin to drastically improve & brighten skin tone, laxity & texture, significantly tighten loose skin, inflate & plump lines & wrinkles, reduce scars, acne, remove skin-tags, stubborn warts and much more. This is truly an amazing device!


Removal of skin-tag on eyelid with Plasma Pen

  • Which areas can be treated?

    • Upper and Lower Eyelids
    • Nasolabial Folds
    • Jowls/Jawline
    • Stretch Marks
    • Crow's Feet
    • Tear Troughs
    • Ear Lobes
    • Neck Lines
    • Scars
    • Loose Skin
    • Forehead Lines
  • How the Plasma Pen itself works?

    In nature, there are four states of matter - solids, liquids, gases and plasma. Matter only becomes plasma when enough energy is delivered to split the atoms into electrons and form a 'plasma cloud' of charged particles. Our Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into an electrostatic energy which is transmitted to the applicator tip (probe) creating an electrical discharge between two electrodes separated by an 'insulating dielectric barrier'. A charge collects on the surface of the barrier & discharges a flash of plasma via our 0.4mm probe - all within millionths of a second. Using a continuous direct energy source; nitrogen & oxygen in the air are ionized to create a plasma gas that forms an arc from our Pen to your skin. Because true plasma formation requires oxygen and nitrogen it is non-touch. Be aware, there are devices that claim to be plasma, but touch the skin- they are electrical and associated with bad outcomes. Imber uses the FDA approved Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International, constructed by German engineering, our device has provided safe and reliable results for years in Europe and the UK. Dr. Slack has trained directly under the foremost Plasma Pen instructor from London and is one of the limited number of providers in the US to have completed both elite and master trainer level certifications. Come experience this superior device in the hands of a skilled physician!

  • How Plasma Pen works on a cellular level?

    The plasma arc from our pen delivers an external micro-trauma to the epidermis which helps immediately contract and tighten the skin. This thermal disruption later causes excess skin to dry superficially into tiny crusts which fall off in the form of tiny flakes within a matter of days.

    This treatment penetrates to the dermis and stimulates fibroblast division and migration. Fibroblasts rarely undergo division within connective tissues, unless they're stimulated by a wound healing process or an inflammatory response and we do exactly that with the Plasma Pen! This treatment encourages the formation of new blood vessels, numerous growth factors and cytokines. By signaling the cells around them, cytokines modulate our immune response. This orchestrated response regulates cell repair and the maturation and growth of new cells in response to the inflammation caused by this controlled micro-trauma.

    Your body's inflammatory response activates what are known as "M2 Macrophages." Macrophages are white blood cells which engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes, and indeed any other unhealthy cells. M2 macrophages decrease the inflammation we cause and encourage tissue regeneration and repair. Treatment also stimulates the migration of basal keratinocytes to the surface of the skin which then fill-in the gaps created by the micro-trauma. But the key to Plasma Pen's success is the collagen. Our skin's dermis is composed of approximately 95% collagen.  as we age our dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced, elastin fibers wear out & these changes in the scaffolding of our skin cause it to wrinkle & sag and to lose laxity texture - similar to how the scaffolding of a building would lose integrity and collapse if it rusted, weakened and became unable to bear weight. By activating your body's own fibroblast, Plasma Pen helps re-shape, re-build and strengthen the scaffolding within your dermis to give it back elasticity and flexibility. By improving alignment and cross linking of collagen fibers, we are able to plump and lift the skin from inside out! This natural treatment uses your immune system to drastically reduce lines and wrinkles and can even help to deter the occurrence of future wrinkles! Increasing levels of type 3 collagen production continue to occur for months after treatment. Type 3 collagen later synthesizes type 1 collagen. Type 1 collagen improves strength and elasticity while decreasing stiffness and relaxation of the skin. Collagen is the reason all grandparents want to pinch the cheeks of their new grandbaby! Visually we can all see if someone has abundant collagen-the "glow" and "bounce" of youthful skin is something only your own natural body can produce. Even a surgical facelift is not able to promote scaffolding and formation of collagen. The Plasma Pen can!


    As you age, wrinkles and sagging skin will inevitably occur. If you're looking to combat these effects with an anti-aging solution that doesn't involve invasive treatments or the risk of scarring, you may be a great candidate for the Plasma Pen, an innovative skin tightening device that offers groundbreaking firming and lifting results. It works by emitting plasma, a specialized gas, onto the surface of the skin to promote collagen production and strengthen the underlying skin. The Plasma Pen is ideal to improve wrinkles, sagging, skin lesions, sun spots, acne, melasma, and large pores. At Imber Medical, Dr. Laura Slack is pleased to offer Plasma Pen treatments for men and women who want to achieve a smoother facial appearance. Please contact our office in St. Simons Island, GA to schedule a consultation.


    The Plasma Pen can help patients who want to attain rejuvenated, younger-looking skin while addressing marionette lines, smile lines, Crow's feet, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. Prior to starting the treatment, a local anesthetic will be applied to the targeted area. Your technician will then utilize the Plasma Pen device just above the surface of the skin. As it hovers over the targeted area, a small amount of nitrogen plasma gas is emitted in order to heat and resurface the dermis and epidermis layers of skin, which encourages tightening. After your treatment, you should not have any downtime. However, your skin will flake and peel off within a few days. After this, you should notice smoother, tighter skin with fewer signs of aging and blemishes. Your outcomes should continue to improve over the next six months as collagen production continues.


    At Imber Medical, we are pleased to offer noninvasive Plasma Pen treatments for patients in St. Simons Island, GA. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation can be an excellent option to help individuals attain rejuvenated, glowing skin without surgery. To find out how your skin could benefit from the Plasma Pen, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Slack.


    Ideal candidates for cheek and chin contouring are individuals who would like more volume in their mid-face, want a more defined jawline, want to reduce chin and neck fat, or would like to attain a more symmetrical face shape. We perform the following in-office treatments:

    • BeautiFill laser lipo and fat transfer: This minimally invasive treatment can be used to contour the cheeks, as well as the chin. A laser wand is used to extract unwanted fat deposits from the body, chin, face, or neck. The purified fat sample is then used to augment areas of desired fullness, such as the cheeks and mid-face.
    • Accent Prime face contouring: Accent Prime is a noninvasive technique to reduce chin fat and create a more defined jawline. It also works to improve the firmness of the skin. During the procedure, a special device emits ultrasound energy to target and reduce fat cells beneath the skin. At the same time, radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to tighten sagging skin on the neck, jawline, or cheeks.

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