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  • PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma)

    This is your body’s blood centrifuged by a Imber’s FDA approved dual spin centrifuge to concentrate the platelets 5-9 times which are then injected into the skin (Note: Single spin devices produce only 2.5-3 times platelet concentration). Once injected into the tissue, your platelets release numerous growth factors that in turn lead to the migration of your body’s own stem cells. These cells promote tissue regeneration. Growth and repair continue for 3 months and result in new healthy tissue! Combined with microneedling, results are maximized. PRP can serve as a long-lasting solution for reduction of sun damage, loose skin, craping, acne scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles on the face, neck, hands, lip lines and many other uses. PRP is 100% natural and produces long-lasting results. This is a game-changer and should be considered by anyone striving to reverse the signs of aging!

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  • PDO threads

    Polydioxanone is a complex sugar that naturally breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, and is eventually dissolved by the body. Aesthetic use of these threads is an advanced technique used for years by many overseas to maintain youthful skin- the results speak for themselves. The secret is out at Imber!

    These are the same safe, dissolvable threads used in eye and heart surgeries. When placed in the face, “Smooth” PDO threads lead to growth and remodeling of your body’s own collagen as well as improvement in the thickness, texture and elasticity of the skin! PDO threads can be used in all areas of the face as a stand-alone, in combo with HA (plumping of skin), PRP, or neuromodulators. PDO “Barbed” threads are used to lift skin and provide dramatic, immediate results often referred to as the non-surgical facelift. Once the new collagen is formed it is yours even long after the thread has dissolved.  Are you ready to say good bye to your wrinkles and sagging skin? If so, reserve your appointment at Imber!

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  • Plasma Pen

    This is one of Imber’s favorites! The FDA approved Plasma Pen uses micro-damage to the skin surface caused by a tiny plasma arc to promote fibroblast migration and growth of new tightened skin! Improvements in collagen, skin strength, and wrinkle reductions continue for 12 weeks and results are long lasting. Acne scars and melasma can also be treated with the Plasma Pen. Even acne outbreaks can be decreased by this treatment that decreases pore size and sebum production.

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  • Fillers

    Injectable fillers are available to fill areas with volume loss or wrinkles. Many specialty injections require advanced techniques and can only be performed by a licensed provider- you are in the BEST hands with Imber as the only person to inject you will be a physician or an aesthetic, board-certified nurse practitioner who teaches injection techniques! Imber offers a variety of brands and Bianca, our expert injector, can guide you through the process.

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