Men’s Procedures

  • PRP

    PRP is injected into the skin to promote your body’s own collagen growth in the dermis. Combined with microneedling, results are maximized. PRP can serve as a long-lasting solution for reduction of scarring and wrinkles. This is a game-changer and should be considered by anyone striving to reverse the signs of aging.

  • Plasma Pen

    The Plasma arc causes micro-damage to the skin surface, new tightened skin is formed, improvements in collagen, skin strength, and wrinkle reductions are long lasting. Plasma Pen can also remove those skin tags, warts, and age spots that have been bothering you for years!

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    plasma_before Before
    plasma_after After

    Removal of skin-tag on eyelid with Plasma Pen

  • Chemical Peels

    Exfoliate and remove debris from skin, facilitating smoother and firmer skin.

  • Injectable Treatments

    Injectable Treatments are available to reduce muscle movements that can facilitate the formation of wrinkles on the face and neck.  Fillers are available to fill areas with volume loss or wrinkles. We offer a variety of brands and our expert injectors (with years of experience with male guest) can guide you through the process.

    facial_before Before
    facial_after After
    facial_before Before
    facial_after After
  • PDO Threads

    Provides a way for your body to naturally lift jowls or double chin while promoting collagen growth from the inside out. This is a favorite with male patients.


Initially reluctant, this gentleman was seen at the request of his wife who received regular treatments from Bianca. Following PRP treatment for skin and filler to hollow areas up upper face, he was extremely pleased with his results and requested frequent additional services!

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