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  • Beautifull Laser Liposuction

    BeautiFillTM is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardize the process, time and quality of fat transfer methods with the least amount of adipose disruption.BeautiFill’s closed-loop fat transfer capabilities combine laser, aspiration and processing into one simple step. This reduces procedure time while optimizing the entire fat transfer process.

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  • Cutera Laser

    Do you have brown spots and uneven skin tone that you’ve tried to clear with all kinds of skincare products? Now you can remove unwanted pigment and improve your skin’s appearance with PICO Genesis. PICO Genesis is quick 20-minute laser treatment that uses ultra-short laser pulses ideal for individuals looking to restore or maintain their natural glow. PICO Genesis is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types, including darker skin tones with minimal to no downtime, making it ideal for active lifestyles.

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  • Injectables

    Fillers can be used to add fullness and youthfulness to the surface of the hand. The instant results are amazing.

  • Plasma Pen

    Remove that crappie skin with a quick Plasma Pen spray! A plasma arc causes micro-damage to skin surface and new tightened skin is formed. Improvements in collagen, skin strength, sun spots, and wrinkle reductions are long lasting and 100% natural!

  • PRP

    For those interested in a 100% natural long-lasting option, PRP (platelet rich plasma) can be used to facilitate tightened skin, improvements in collagen, skin strength, sun spots, and wrinkle reductions. Blood is drawn and centrifuged to concentrate the platelets, this PRP is then injected into the hands. Marked improvement is seen at 4-6 weeks and continued improvement for 4 months. There is no contraindication for the use of Hyaluronic Acid fillers in the same area at the same session. Microneedling can also be used in combination to enhance results.

Nothing can give away age faster than your hands!

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